Andriod Mobile app memory utilisation testing

With wider adoption of smartphones and continuous innovation in Mobile technologies, business are providing core capabilities on devices. Number of apps and media running on the Android phone, started creating memory utilization challenges on the mobile device.

So there is a need of knowing the memory utilized by android app in our mobile device. As part of testing mobile apps for our clients, we come up with best testing practices. This blog illustrate practical approach of checking memory utilized by android app on mobile device.

We are using memory monitoring tool from the android studio for checking memory utilization.
Memory Monitor

1. It shows available and used memory as they both change over time for your app in a graph, with dips indicating Garbage Collection (GC) events.
2. Also provides a quick way to test whether app slowness might be related to excessive GC events.
3. Provides a quick way to see whether app crashes might be related to running out of memory.
4. It runs live on your android application and updates about once a second.
5. Helps quickly identify the potential of memory leaks.

Memory Monitor Walk-through

This walkthrough shows the basic usage and workflow for the Memory Monitor tool in Android Studio. Memory Monitor reports in real-time how your app allocates memory.

Prerequisites for Memory monitor

A mobile device with Developer Options enabled.
An Application with USB Debugging enabled.

Steps to working with Memory monitor

1. If you’re using a mobile device, connect it to your computer.
2. Open your application in Android Studio, build the source, and run it on your device or emulator
3. In Android Studio, choose Tools > Android > Memory Monitor. You can also click the Android tab in the lower-left corner of the application window to launch the Android runtime window. The CPU and Memory Monitor views appear
4. Once Memory Monitor starts tracking your device, a stacked graph appears, tracking memory usage over time.
Dark blue: Amount of memory that your app is currently using.
Light blue: Available, unallocated memory.
5. Over time, this graph updates, showing changes in memory usage.
6. As your app allocates and frees memory, the allocated amount shown in the graph changes.

We have used above memory monitor walk-through in our Real Time Android project. In Following scenarios we have used this memory monitoring testing tool.

1. Memory Utilization on starting mobile app

before adding event_

2. Memory Utilization for adding 1st job on mobile app:-

after adding 1 event_

3. Memory Utilization for adding 5 events on mobile app

adding 5

4. Memory Utilization for adding 8 events on mobile app


5. Memory Utilization for adding 10 events on mobile app


6. Memory Utilization for starting 1st job on mobile app

starting job_

These steps would help identify memory usage patterns on the app and take corrective action if require.

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