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Towards connected industry

We believe that no two Customers requirements are alike. The future industry will demand more personalized products and services. We provide personalized industry 4.0 solution by analysing your industry’s entire value stream.

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Future industry needs

In the near future, Customers will demand more personalized products and services. This will create a challenge for the OEMs, Manufacturing industries to adopt to changing market requirements. Industry 4.0 is the response to this challenge. With millions of connected devices, Industry 4.0 creating value for people working in the various industries like Energy, Manufacturing, Smart Cities for a better life.

At Patterns7tech, we understand this emerging need and therefore, have come up with connected industry solutions that will help meet this growing demand. Patterns7tech – Industry 4.0 is working towards a connected world.

Our Approach

We analyse your industry’s Digital Transformation goals. Identify machine efficiency monitoring opportunities. With help of lean and agile Industrial IoT framework Patterns7 offers custom solution for your IoT Enabled digital transformation.

How we can help your Business

Patterns7 Industrial IoT solutions and services accelerate your digital transformation initiatives. Our technology- agnostic solution help you to get realtime insights into the Operations, Control losses and improve ROI. Our solution is open for integration and has ability to integrate with your existing enterprise applications such as ERP, APM, MES, CRM etc.


Real-time monitor asset performance with help of edge devices. This would help optimum utilisation of assets and control losses.


Monitor and maximise asset efficiency with real-time insight into OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) at cell, line and plant level.

Service Life Cycle Management

With predictive data analytics, predict device failure and manage product service life cycle.

Personalized Solution

Businesses have unique requirements considering value stream in the industry. We provide personalised solution for your business needs.

Industries innovated by Patterns7 IIoT Platform


Patterns7 connected industry-4.0 monitors machine performance in realtime. It helps to improve the efficiency, manage losses and make data-driven decisions.



The Energy Platform by patterns7tech-Industry 4.0 provides a comprehensive overview of energy consumption and costs.



Patterns7tech Connected Industry Solution that increases your production efficiency,manage losses and saves costs by monitoring data and enabling predictive maintenance.


Success Stories

OEE Machine

Machine OEE monitoring

Automobile industry needs to transform for the future challenges. Connected Industry solution helps to increased your production efficiency and reduce losses with realtime monitoring.


Machine loss management

As most of manufacturing industries have processes which runs serially, any loss which is not identified on time will result in cascade looses. Through connected industry solution Patterns7tech helps identify and report looses in effective way.

Real time energy consumption monitoring

Energy monitoring

Real-time Energy Monitoring and billing solution from Patterns7tech helps monitor energy consumption and billing trends. With connected industry and energy devices, it’s opening lots of possibilities to save the cost and move towards green energy.


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