Delivering solutions using Microservices

When you start working in IT, very soon you realise that technologies are changing more rapidly compared to other domains.

Key fundamental shifts in software development like Agile methodology, Domain-Driven design, Continuous delivery, PAAS, Automation, System for scale, Small teams are helping to build better software that react fast to the customers changing business requirements.

Microservices are emerged from this world. These are small autonomous services that are loosely coupled.

In software development lifecycle, requirements keep on changing and more driven by end users expectations and constant innovation happening in digital technology. Most of time, one-size fit solution won’t work as customers are trying to innovate and deliver differentiated experience to their end users. To meet these challenges Patterns7 build architecture framework in which the right systems can emerge and continue to grow as we learn more.

Here is architecture of notification microservice that’s been used by multiple clients. We have build email notification microservice for sending communication related to “Invite user”, “Account Activation”, “Forgot Password”, “Reset Password” based on event driven architecture. Following diagram represents architecture details.

Notification Microservices

Building Microservices with loosely coupled architecture.

Notification service is build for high cohesion with it’s own database. If we need to add new client, it’s simply adding client specific data like “From Email”, “Twirl Templates” etc in the Notification Database.

Recently Patterns7 Technologies migrated architecture from monolithic to microservice based architecture. By embracing fine-grained, microservice architecture, it’s helping to deliver software faster, embrace newer technologies and give cost benefit to our clients. If you have any queries or need help defining loosely coupled architecture landscape, write an email to

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