iOS Application Testing using TestFlight

The blog is for beginners in iOS application development. If you have started building iOS application and wondering how to test it then TestFlight is the best option.
TestFlight requires your account on apple store.

Supported Platform :

TestFlight supports iOS 8 or greater than that.

Types of Testing on TestFlight :

  • Internal testing
  • Beta testing

Internal Testing :

Internal testing does not require to review and approve your app from apple store.  It allows 25 internal testers.For both internal and beta testing you just require emailId of the testers on which they are going to install there app.

Beta Testing : 

Beta testing require to review and approve your app from apple store. It might take approximately 5-6 days to review and approve from apple store. Once it is approved it will b available for beta testers. It allows 1000 beta testers. Every time you release your app on test flight for beta testing it requires to review and approve from apple store. But after first approval , next time it takes approximate 5-6 hours to approve.

Steps to Follow :

TestFlight needs Distribution Provisioning Profile to build an app file of your application. You can create this from your apple account and select this from Build settings. Below is the image just for your reference :



Download and install Application Loader to upload your app on iTunnes. Give the proper version while creating app file of your application.

After uploading the app file on iTunnes using application loader. Then from apple developer console dashboard you can select the TestFlight Tab add submit the latest build for approval. Also you can add the testers using emailId.

Testers required to install TestFlight on there iPhone device, once you submit your app for testing then they will receive the email for installing build.

iTunnes dashboard will give you the details for how many users installed app on there device.

Let me know through comments, if you have any queries.

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