Mobile technologies and happening disruption

The history of technology is defined by series of disruptions that have fundamentally challenged IT landscape. Smartphone and devices are challenging existing business processes and creating opportunities to reinvent for better.

Mobility is at the centre stage for helping information to cross the boundaries. With M2M technologies Mobile apps becoming increasingly sophisticated with power of network, ability to analyse enormous data for quality and bringing core capability to device.

According to a recent McKinsey CIO survey, tablets could replace up to 30 percent of laptops in the coming years, which is happening and now devices start playing smart roles in it’s bounded context.

Mobile opportunities for businesses

Customers and businesses are already pushing for the mobile transformation and generating number of business cases. These are categorised into:

Communication and collaboration
Mobile technologies is enhancing the way employee interact with other employees or customer. This is allowing businesses to engage their customer in fundamentally different ways. For example shopping on the way, delivering content based on predictive analysis.

Access to core-business capabilities
Every business has core capabilities that help deliver business value. Mobile technologies allows worker or customer to take advantage of core capabilities. Providing mobile access to CRM, ERP or executive dashboard improved enterprise productivity and help management make data driven decisions.

Machine-to-Machine sensors
By building intelligent sensor networks (e.g., real-time asset management using RFID-tagged cases), enterprises are also improving productivity.

Key success factor in deploying mobile solution for your business:

Business Value-centric solution
Enabling mobile solution for enterprise is challenging. Businesses should identify and focus on areas that create real value. Segmenting the core capabilities and identifying the use cases that really valuable to business is key factor. Many organisation follow this approach.

IT Architecture
Mobile solution require change in the existing architecture. Technical team should analyse the use cases that need mobile solution and build the capabilities flexible and adaptive for future.

In view of core information landing on the mobile devices it’s everyone’s responsibility in the organisation to use it appropriately. In addition to security usage guideline, application security should be implemented with transport layer security and security for data at rest.

With Mobile disruption happening it’s becoming really important for business to be stay ahead of Customers with continuous technology innovation.

At Patterns7Tech, we help businesses to defined product strategy and help implement solutions in mobility. We have experience in providing multi channel solutions to world leading enterprises.

REF: The mobile disruption: The next enterprise IT shake-up, 2012 -McKinsey CIO survey.

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