Opportunity International – EduFinance | US

EduFinance is microfinance international organisation. Through education they build sustainable support for people living in poverty.


Opportunity International EduFinance platform was build on Django. Extending it for Forum and few other features was really challenging. EduFinance has global presence with more than 10,000 user base.


Team has really worked hard to extend the existing platform to meet the requirement. Django SMF integration was creating more challenges. After taking Customer in confidence we successfully migrated Django site to SMF and build forum site.

We worked with Patterns7 to build our initial version of an SMF forum and integrating it with our pre-existing website. The major challenge that the project ran into was the compatibility of our earlier Django website to SMF. What impressed us the most was that Patterns7 were not deterred by this and the team successfully migrated the original website into a compatible format. The dedication and problem solving ability of the team was greatly appreciated and essential to the success of our project. We would recommend Patterns7 for anyone looking to implement such a migration or development project. Scott Sheridan

Director of Operations, Opportunity International - Education Finance