Real Time OEE & Machine Utilization in an Assembly
Line using Propatterns
Smart Manufacturing
Customer Profile –

A leading auto-component manufacturer primarily in the area of sheet metal part production and suppliers to major global automotive companies.

Business Requirements –

● To track Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) automatically and in real-time
● To have the OEE metrics available across the assembly line by the end of the shift.
● Improve equipment utilization thus improving the throughput and efficiency of the assembly line and the plant itself.

Challenges –

Component manufacturers track the efficiency of their equipment by measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) which is a combination of machine availability, performance and quality. Very often, assembly lines are composed of heterogeneous machines that perform specialized tasks. These machines are usually not ‘connected’ i.e. while critical parameters that govern the operation of a machine and the information that a machine produces about its own performance is not collected and analyzed.
Very often manufacturers would use manual methods to calculate OEE of a machine which resulted in the following issues:

● The process was manual, time-consuming and costly.
● The process was carried out infrequently thus ‘real’ data was not available.
● Data was inaccurate, outdated and prone to human errors
● There was an inability to react to efficiency trends in real-time due to lack of real-time machine data
● The Lack of historical trends which meant that future throughput trends could not be predicted.

Solution –

An assembly line is a heterogeneous environment with a variety of machines. It was vital to build resilient sensor appliances that can work in hostile environments with a high degree of temperature and humidity variance.

● Patterns7 built a resilient sensor appliance that can work in this environment. The appliance consisted of a compute element and electrical sensors that would directly sense operations being performed on the machine. The events included job start and stop times as well as idle time on that machine.
● These events were securely transmitted to the the cloud based Patterns7 ProPatterns Platform™ which would aggregate this information and run analytics on them.
● Patterns7 built custom visualization dashboards to the various stakeholders in the company.
● Using this data, plant supervisors could make in-process checks on throughput and equipment efficiency and take corrective actions.
● Overall visibility of machine utilization at the plant level helped supervisors plan and optimize their production schedules.
● Management could utilize long-term trending data to plan improvements to the line, plan maintenance schedules and forecast for the long-term.

Benefits –

Patterns7 could build this solution within 2 weeks using the ProPatterns Platform.
The system was deployed within a single day at the plant. Patterns 7’s customers could start viewing and interacting with data immediately from any device. The software is available on a SAAS model with no upfront investment.

20% Improvement in Machine Utilization

By viewing details on how their machines are operating, down to the last milliseconds, customers can now plan their production and their maintenance schedules optimally.

Visibility into top 10 reasons for Machine Downtime

ProPatterns tracked machine downtime to the last millisecond. By providing idle-time reasoning, Patterns 7’s customers can focus on the top reasons for reduced production on a daily basis and immediately correct them.

True OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Calculation

OEE is now being calculated automatically with no manual intervention. This forms a benchmark for any process improvement initiatives in the assembly line. Line owners can directly view the impact of an initiative and take a decision.