Remote Energy Monitoring
SMART Energy

Connect, optimize, and scale your industrial applications with Patterns7 Industrial IoT platform


Experience new reality with convergence of Digital and Physical World.

SMART Energy Solution monitors your energy assets performance in realtime. We believe that healthy assets are the foundation of a healthy business. With right tools & technology we help businesses to transform for better.

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Business Needs

In the connected world, information is freely flowing across boundaries. Patterns7 Technologies provide customisable and scalable platform to deliver value driven ecosystem for your IoT business needs.

How we can help your Business

Connected World

Provide seamless connectivity of assets like Energy meters, Solar PV, Solar Inverters and delivering business value to customers.

Realtime Analytics

Improved efficiency, data driven decision and create differentiated customer experience with predictive analytics.


We understand how important is business data. We ensure your data is secure.

Custom App Development

Open for possibilities and integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Success Stories

AMR Mobile Apps

Monitor realtime energy consumption and alert notifications on Mobile apps.

Intuitive Dashboard

User friendly dashboard to setup devices, configure user groups based on the sites. Realtime alert notifications and management.

Air Quality Monitoring

Realtime monitoring of Air quality in controlled environment.

HVAC Monitoring

Monitor HVAC control unit remotely. On premise app for Android TV or display unit for easy monitoring and controlling.

Patterns7 IoT Platform

Once device connectivity is established, realtime data is streamed to IoT platform gateway and stored in big data. This data is available for analysis. As platform is build in-house its open for customisation and limitless possibilities.

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