Asset Performance Management
SMART Manufacturing

Connect, optimize, and scale your industrial applications
with Patterns7 Industrial IoT platform


Industrial IoT solution for Digital Transformation

Patterns7tech provides Asset Performance Management solution .Our industrial IoT platform monitors machine performance in realtime. It helps to improve the efficiency, manage losses and make data-driven decisions. With right tools & technologies, we help factories to transform for better.

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Industry Needs

Automotive and other manufacturing industries have highly optimised production processes which are executed serially in a well-defined sequence. Though factories are continuously driving automation, unavailability of real-time machine data results in suboptimal utilisation of valuable assets. This leads to the loss in the production.
There is real challenge of diverse and disparate machines communicating over different protocols. Considering the value chain of manufacturing, asset substitution is not always a viable option.

We understand business complexity in better way. Our innovative Industrial IoT platform helps to build customised solution within few days.
Our Asset Performance Management (APM) is focused on delivering higher asset availability, reduce maintenance costs and reduced risk.
Patterns7tech-smart manufacturing industry 4.0 connected industrial devices/sensors to a miniature world of energy, manufacturing, and production infrastructure – so you can see real-time visualizations and code.

How we can help your Business

Asset Management

Asset Management

Monitor asset performance in real-time. Alerts based on downtime and predictive maintenance.
machine OEE

Operational Effectiveness

Get Machine OEE by cell, plant level. Actionable insights to control losses, improve machine efficiency and grow business.


We understand importance of information security. We have cloud or on premise deployment options. Architecture is based on industry best practices.

Custom App Development

Open for possibilities and integrate with your existing infrastructure. Flexibility to build customised mobile apps.

Success Stories

How Industrial IoT Platform works

Once device connectivity is established, real-time data is streamed to the IoT platform gateway and stored in big data. This data is the key resource in the age of digitization and smart manufacturing Industry 4.0 and is available for analysis. As the platform is built in-house its open for customization and limitless possibilities.

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